Nathalie & Maarten MartensBobbenagelseweg 4, Sint-OedenrodeT 0413-752680
Perfect place to stay
Joy and love
5 star service
5 star service
Professional and safe
Professional and safe
Dismissive vacation
Dismissive vacation
Joy and love
Enjoy everyday
For all breeds
Enjoy everyday
For all breeds
Perfect place to stay


Care and love

Superb cat hotel; it is clean, spacious and provides plenty of love for the cats. Poeschka always dislikes it going home again, and that’s how it should be after a nice holiday.

Ingrid – Eindhoven/New York

Definitely recommended

A beautiful and clean cat hotel which has very caring and welcoming cat lovers as hosts. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a place for your cat to go and stay.

Ellis - Waalre

Little boy-and girlfriends

Our kitty enjoyed this place full of friends so much that when she returned home she just sat and stared outside looking lonely, so now we have two cats…

Ellen - Kerkdriel


5 stars!!!! Excellent care by excellent people!!

Yvonne - Eindhoven

Leave your cat without any worries

This is a really nice and beautiful hotel for your cat in a beautiful setting.

The cats stay in beautiful and spacious rooms. It is clean and the owners are very attentive. We have been taking our cats (Bodhi and Bhanu) there for a number of years now with much confidence. We believe that it is important that when we go on vacation, our cats are also having a nice time. At Bobbenagel you can leave your cat without any worry whatsoever.

Thank you for looking after our cats so well while we are away on holiday.

Jeroen en Desiree - Boxtel

Top hotel

Our British cats Dunya and Diesel find this a top hotel.

Theo - ‘s Hertogenbosch

Ideal Holiday address

For some years now, we have been able to go away on holiday without any worry. Ideal holiday location for our cats. We get regular updates about how they are doing and this now even happens via Facebook!

Inge - ‘s Hertogenbosch

Superb Guest House

Bobbenagel is a lovely Guest House. Everything shows you that the owners are very enthusiastic and committed to their feline guests. Our little furry friend Punky has now stayed twice and is allowed to return again for a third stay this summer. For me, it was very stressful and difficult to leave her. Our cat comes from a shelter and we are not sure how she lived for the first 9 months of her life. In fact, this has made her very insecure and although she is very gentle, she is not really the most outgoing type of cat. It is always possible to call or email during her stay to ask how she is doing and that gave me lots of reassurance, especially the first time. I can wholeheartedly recommend Bobbenagel!

Eline - Son en Breugel

Rested and cared for

Our two Siberian Forest cats spent two weeks holidaying at Bobbenagel. They really enjoyed themselves and returned to us totally relaxed and well cared for. Many thanks, and definitely until next year.

Gabi - Heibloem

Clean and plenty of playtime

We collected Luna after a one week’s holiday. She looked completely relaxed and I am sure that she had a lovely stay with you; you can tell by just looking at her, thanks to your very good care for her. The cat garden looks great! Everything is clean and there is plenty of space for play fun for all of the lovely pets.

Romana - Eindhoven

Good times because of good care

Even though Bella and Lotje are always a bit shy, we think that they had a lovely time at Bobbenagel because they were well cared for. They are looking very well!

Gracia - Schijndel

Very compassionate

This is a lovely and comfortable hotel for cats. I have been bringing Luna to Bobbenagel for a number of years now with plenty of confidence. Maarten and Nathalie are very caring and know every cat by name. I am sure that they are very kind to Luna (and all of the other cats of course). If I want to have a holiday and Luna is not able to stay at Bobbenagel for some reason, I will simply stay home. It is very important to me that, when I am on holiday, I can be sure that Luna is also having a great time. This is certainly always the case at Bobbenagel!

It is wonderful to know that you always look after Luna so well while I am away on holiday.

Melanie - Helmond